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  Failure is what often happens.it is everywhere in your life.students may fail in exams, science may fail in their researchwork,and athletes may fail in competitions.

  although failure happens to everyone, attitudes towards failure are various. some people don't think their failure is a very important thing at all. so they pay no attention to it. as a result, they will have the same failure a previously later.they spend their thime and energy on useless things and they may really be fools as they have thought.

  Success is not easy to talk about because the word success it-self has hundreds of definitions. For some it means power, for some it means wealth, for others it is fame or great achieve-ments. But I have my own understanding of it.

  Success means to try your best.

  Many people believe that success means to win. In my opin-ion, it means to try your best when you do everything, no matter you will win or not. When you are taking part in a long-distance race, if you keep on running as fast as you can, you are successful, although you may be the last to pass the finishing-line. Because you have showed your best to others, and you have made I your greatest effort to be the winner.

  Success means to work hard.

  No one can succeed without any hard work. Karl Max was successful, because he spent more than 30 years writing the book "Communist Manifesto"; Tomas Edison succeeded, because he had experimented thousands of times to find the best material for lights. Every success calls for hard work. If you want to suc-ceed, work hard first.

  other people are quite different from the two kinds of people mentiond above. instend of being distressed and lost,they draw a lesson from every failure and become more experienced. after hard work, they will be successful in the end. It is said that failure is the mother of success. success will be gained after times of failures so long as we are good at drawong lesson from our failures.

  in my opinion , failure is not a bad thing , the really bad thing is taking a failure as failure or even lose our heart after failure.

  More importantly, today, the world is undergoing fast rhythm of changing, some issues occur in one way this time and reoccur in another way that time.Such instability and inconstancy make many long-time-lasting conventions and traditions not valid any longer. People encounter pile of new conditions everyday in current society, it is hard to find adequate reference from the wisdom of conventions for all of these new thing, what can really lead people to success is rational mind and creative ways of thinking. To meet the requirement of new missions, only creative activities could give out adaptive strategies. Without creative thinking ways, there would no such increasingly development of science and technology in the past two centuries, no new type America-style democracy in the world, no so many products making modern life so comfortable and convenient. Creative practices and original idea are the engine of the fast development of modern life, and are most essential for people to accomplish successful achievement in all kinds of fields.


  Embracing the World, Embracing sports

  Good afternoon honorable judges and beloved friends. My topic today is "Embracing the World, Embracing sports".

  Since MaLong and Zhangjike’s breathtaking triumph over all the opponents in Rio, no matter in competition or in real life, their loving little interactions, has already captured the heart of thousands of girls from home and abroad. Are you still obsessed with a bunch of pop stars in entertainment industry ?SinceFuyuanhui told CCTV reporter. "I've been utilizing prehistorical powers." Are you still believe in the traditional sports concept that "winner-takes-all" or "victory only belongs to the winners"? When Sunyang didn’t won the champion of 1500-meter freestyle swimming match, but stick to the last minutes enduring the pain of physical sickness, are you still accusing him of not winning honor for our country? Of course, no!

  Because of the nationwide sports system in our country, we always attach great importance to the glory of the most high-necked award platform, requiring athletes to win the game. I still remember that in 2008, Liu Xiang dropped out because of the serious injury in his Achilles's tendon, but he grit his teeth and stick to the end, bearing all the pain and pressure we may never know. However, someone mock him that he is no longer the Asian flier anymore, some even said that his injury was just put on a show, suddenly he turned from a national hero into a loser, just because he upset the whole country of not winning one game.

  From "medal only" to enjoy the charm and joy of the competitive sports, from requiring athletes to win the game to sincerely admire the noble-character and charming personality of them. This maybe one small step for 2016 Rio Olympic, but one giant leap for the Chinese national sport spirit. Who can say this is not the mistery of sport? who can say this is not the power of sport? And who can say this is not the charm of sport?

  So, ladies and gentlemen,let's embrace the world with the charm of sports!


  As you slowly open your eyes, look around , notice where the light comes into your room; listen carefully, see if there are new sounds you can recognize; feel with your body and spirit, and see if you can sense the freshness in the air. Yes, yes, yes, it’s a new day, it’s a different day, and it’s a bright day! And most importantly, it is a new beginning for your life, a beginning where you are going to make new desicisions, take new actions, make new friends, and take your life to a totally unprecedented level! You know all this is real as long as you are confident,passionate and committed! And you are confident, you are passionate, you are committed!

  You will no longer fear making new sounds, showing new facial expressions, using your body in new ways,approaching new people, and asking new questions. You will live every single day of your life with absolute passion, and you will show your passion through the words you speak and the actions you take. You will focus all your time and effort on the most important goals of your life. You will never succumb to challenges of hardships. You will never waver in your pursuit of excellence. After all,you are the best, and you deserve the best!

  As your coach and friend, I can assure you the door to all the best things in the world will open to you, but the key to that door is in your hand. You must do your part, you must faithfully follow the plans you make and take the actions you plan, you must never quit, you must never fear. I know you must do it, you can do it, you will do it, and you will succeed!

  Now stand firm and tall, make a fist, get excited, and yell it out: I must do it! I can do it! I will do it! I will succeed! I must do it! I can do it! I will do it! I will succeed! I must do it! I can do it! I will do it! I will succeed!


  Catch the star that holds your destiny, the one that forever twinkles w ithin your heart.

  Take advantage of precious opportunities while they still s sparkle before you. Always believe that your ultimate goal is attainable as long as you commit yourself to it. Though barriers may sometimes stand in the way of your dreams, rem ember that your destiny is hiding behind them.

  Accept the fact that not ev eryone is going to approve of the choices you've made. Have faith in your judgment. Catch the star that twinkles in your heart and it will lead you t o your destiny's path.

  Follow that pathway and uncover the sweet sunrises that await you. Take pride in your accomplishments, as they are stepping stones to yo ur dreams. Understand that you may make mistakes, but don't let them di scourage you.

  Value your capabilities and talents for they are what make you truly unique. The greatest gifts in life are not purchased, but acquired through hard work and determination.

  Find the star that twinkles in your heart?for you alone are capable of making your brightest dreams come true. Give your hopes everything you've got and you will catch the star that holds your destiny.


  Saying goodbye to childhood,we step into another important time in the pace of young,facing new situations,dealing with different problems.....

  everyone has his ownunderstanding of young,it is a period of time of beauty and wonders,only after you have

  experienced the sour ,sweet ,bitter and salty can you really become a person of significance.thre time of young is limitted,it may pass by without your attention,and when you discover what has happened ,it is always too late.grasping the young well means a better time is waiting for you in the near future,or the situation may be opposite .

  having a view on these great men in the history of hunmanbeing,they all made full use of their youth time ,to do things that are useful to society,to the whole mankind,and as a cosquence ,they are remembered by later

  generations,admired by everyone.so do something in the time of young,although you may not get achievements as these greatmen did ,though not for the whole word,just for youeself,for those around!

  the young is just like blooming flowers,they are so beautiful when blooming,they make people feel happy,but with time passing by,after they withers ,moet people think they are ugly.and so it is the same with young,we are enthusiastic when we are young,then we may lose our passion when getting older and older.so we must treasure it ,don't let the limitted time pass by ,leaving nothing of significance.